Aadil Al-Saadi

Position? Head of programme management and business continuity, Central Bank of Oman (CBO). Founder, Macer Group Business Strategists (www.macergroup.com).

What are your main responsibilities? At CBO, overseeing the development of the IT and business continuity strategy.

What are your company's Unique Selling Points (USPs) in Oman? Macer is the first Omani business strategists group that aims to solve the puzzle of how the people, culture, tasks and organisation structure fits together.

What achievement are you most proud of? Winning the Oman Ambassador Award in the United Kingdom and being the first Omani to obtain a Sloan fellowship from London Business School.

What would you still like to achieve (in life, leisure or business)? I would like to see organisations - both government and private - shift from bureaucracy to meritocracy, where people and culture become the essence for making strategies work.

What do you think makes Oman an attractive destination to do business? The tolerance embedded within the Omani society, its foreign and domestic policies and the untapped opportunities of natural and unnatural endowments (natural resources, echo-tourism, services and technology sectors etc) that are yet to be explored.

What sectors do you think will thrive in Oman and the UK in the coming years and why? The services sector in addition to the logistics and transport sectors due to its unique geographic position and the mega-investment which is already underway.

What is the best business advice you have ever received? A business that generate good profits and also makes an impact that can give me a sense of purpose.

Favourite destinations in Oman and why? Ras Jinz beach. The best place to fish and camp in Oman.

Favourite destinations in the UK and why? Oxford. History, elegance and class combined.

Favourite restaurant in Oman and UK? Oman - Turkish House. UK - Le Gavroche, Michel Roux Jr.

Describe your character in five words? Simple, Laser-focused, organized, outgoing and warm.

What are your hobbies? Travel, photography, watching documentaries and dining out.

What five things would you take to a desert island? A coffee pot, Swiss knife, ear plugs, comfy running shoes and lots of nuts.

What public figures do you most admire and why? Steve Jobs for his creativity, forward-looking approach and simplicity in design that was the basis for the heuristic usability field which I enjoy.