Omani-British couple launch adventure tourism company

An Omani-British couple has launched a global adventure tourism company in the country and named it after Sultanate’s national animal- Oryx Adventures.

Driven by a passion for adventure travel and a love of all things motorcycle, Haima and Peter, have introduced the concept of adventure on motorcycles with this venture.

Oryx Adventures offers customised trips to clients according to their requirements, and the duration can range from anywhere between half a day up to 10 days.

The CCM bikes used for the tours are produced in the UK and can carry basic equipment including a tent, foldable chairs and tables in the saddle pack which is hooked onto the bike.

Jonathan Wilks, British Ambassador to Oman, said that he would like to see more trade between Oman and the UK and is happy about the new venture.

“We are here to promote British exports," he said. "The bikes used by the company are British made and a lot of the company equipment is also sourced from the UK.

"We want to promote trade between Oman and the United Kingdom. More importantly this is a British and Omani couple who started this and they are helping develop a very important sector in Oman, which is tourism and adventure tourism is still in its infancy but has a great potential. We are delighted to be associated with the company and wish them all the success.”

Peter Middleton, Co-founder of the company said: “We are now ready to launch, all bikes are here and so is all the equipment. We are delighted and we would like to promote adventure in Oman and promote Oman as an adventure tourism destination abroad.”