Twintec reports record year of trading in Oman following 40pc construction surge

Industrial concrete flooring specialist Twintec is reporting its most successful year of trade in Oman after posting a 40pc construction surge in 2016.

Twintec is the world’s leading producer of ‘jointless’ steel-fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC) industrial floors with a global turnover circa €200million. It produces more than six-million square metres of industrial flooring slabs worldwide each year.

The firm, which first started trading in Oman 2011, has secured orders to design and construct 195,900 square metres of large panel SFRC floor slabs to date in the Sultanate this year. It represents a 41pc rise on sales figures in 2015 which saw Twintec designing and constructing 138,874 square metres of the same product. Between 2011 and 2014 it supplied 59,900 square metres of concrete flooring to Oman.

Twintec technical and commercial director Tom Menary, who leads the firm’s operations in Oman, said the Sultanate is a key target market within the MENA region after successfully delivering 16 projects in the last five years. This includes installing the first ‘jointless’ SFRC slab in Oman at Al Madina Warehouse, Barka one of the country’s most famous developments, with more recent work secured with Muscat Airport and Nissan warehouse in Sohar.

In total Twintec has now designed and constructed 800,000 square metres of large panel ‘jointless’ SFRC industrial flooring to the Middle East region, excluding Saudi Arabia.

“Twintec is experiencing strong growth in Oman and the broader Middle East because our offering is entirely unique to the market,” said Mr Menary. “We take total responsibility. This includes world-class design, research and technology built up over many years, along with highly skilled engineers and workers carrying out design and construction, backed up by rigorous quality control and insurance policies. This comprehensive service package goes way beyond regular industry standards. Put simply no-one else does what we do.

“Due to our unique offering we are building a strong track record in the Sultanate. The scale of our projects has varied greatly from the biggest single floor slab of 58,791 square metres, and biggest overall project involving 110,000 square metres to the smallest which covered 2,500 square metres of floor space. Our work has largely been carried out in Muscat and Sohar. However, we have just secured our first contract in Duqm which as an area presents huge opportunity in particular within the burgeoning port, logistics and warehousing hub. We see strong potential for growth in Sohar’s fast expanding economic freezone while we are also actively quoting for projects in Salalah.”

“Our target markets are broad including warehouses, manufacturing sites, exhibition halls, cold stores, distribution centres for the likes of supermarkets, as well as structural raft foundations,” said Mr Menary. "However, key to our success is the close working agreements we have on the ground in Oman where we work alongside the Aflag Group under the leadership of Sheik Khalid Al Khalili. The group's broad base of business activities has its origins in real estate development and its associated commercial and construction sectors. This relationship has been pivotal in helping us enter the market, generate leads and raise greater brand awareness."

The Belgium-headquartered firm developed a strong presence in the Middle East after securing its first major contract in Saudi Arabia in 2007. It now has representation across the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman with a subsidiary in Saudi Arabia.

Dubai-based Twintec Middle East business development director Ruth Waugh said Twintec is looking to work with more end users and consulting engineers. She said Twintec’s vision is to provide a ‘total offer’ concept worldwide with a personal service.

“There are three keys to Twintec’s offering,” said Ms Waugh. “The first is performance which covers everything from design, technology, production, installation and people. The second is aesthetics, delivering visually impactful finishes, and the third is ecology providing environmentally sustainable solutions.

“Twintec has been active in the field SFRC technology for more than 30 years, and been responsible for developing many innovative methods, techniques and specialised pieces of equipment. Our commitment to innovation and performance is central to our ethos. We have a unique research and development programme ensuring clients can draw on the latest in materials, equipment and processes.

“We are also acutely aware of environmental impact with all departments including design, specification and contracting operations work closely to make efficient use of natural resources. This includes minimising waste, conserving energy and water, and promoting the use of recycled materials.”

For more information visit the website email Ruth Waugh via or call +971 (0)4 364 1220