New online Arabic course for beginners

A NEW online interactive and cost-effective platform that teaches Arabic to English and other non-Arabic speakers has been devised by award-winning Omani businessman Aadil Al Saadi, pictured.

It is largely tailored to the average person who wants to learn Arabic, either to blend into the Arabic-speaking community as a traveller, or in a professional capacity (for example Arabic for doctors, or Arabic for bankers).

"Language is a key to emerge into the Arabic culture. We are currently in a 'Beta phase', and will soon introduce live interactive lessons every two hours for students to practice," said Aadil Al Saadi.

The first course, “Arabic for Beginners” is a 90-minute interactive course which is currently offered for free and is designed for anyone who simply wants to get started learning Arabic.

"Our target is to register 250 users in the first week. Within three days we registered 64 users and other interested potential users can register for free using social media (LinkedIn, Facebook or Gmail accounts) following this link (," said Mr Al Saadi .

"Once registered, you will receive an email with link to the course that you can take at your convenience using web, tablet or mobile device."

Mr Al Saadi was the first ever Omani to attend London Business School’s Sloan programme and was named the 2015 Oman Ambassador in the UK, a title granted by the Oman Embassy in London, to recognise the outstanding achievements of UK-based Omani students who promote their national culture.

He was chosen after becoming one of the youngest people to secure a place on the prestigious Sloan programme as well as finishing in the top 20 per cent of the class. He has also worked in consulting, IT strategy and programme management in Canada, the UK, the UAE and Oman.