Oman's response to digital revolution is key

PA Consulting's head of Middle East and North Africa, Jason Harborow

Omani employers must continue to embrace and adapt to the digital revolution if they want to reap the rewards.

That is the advice of Jason Harborow, the head of the Middle East office of UK firm PA Consulting.

Mr Harborow said employers must learn to adapt to the unique demands of “Generation Z” in order to continue to attract top new entrepreneurial talent.

“The key for employers from the outset is to recognise that they are dealing with a completely new generation of people who are different in many ways from those coming before them,” he said. “Generation Z are typically idea-driven, impatient but realistic, opinionated, individualistic, hyper-connected and digitally-savvy.

“We know that smartphone penetration in the Middle East is continuing to rise and is forecasted to reach around 75 per cent across the region by 2018. So now is the time for employers to truly understand what impact these potential new members of staff will have on their business.”

Mr Harborow added: “The next phase of the digital revolution will demand new ways of thinking, communicating and doing business. In order to attract Generation Z, employers must create an open-minded, connected and forward thinking working culture which is innovative and entrepreneurial.”